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Credit: Chris Weller

Brian founded Clearly Right Entertainment, Inc. in 2007 which quickly became one of the most prestigious Rights and Clearances companies in Hollywood. He's worked alongside countless award-winning executive producers, storytellers and showrunnners.


Brian is an integral part of keeping successful production companies, networks and streaming services functioning because he absolutely loves what he does! He's highly sought after, always busy working on new projects and his clients keep hiring him for additional work and recommending him often. 


Brian is a member of CLEAR, an association of research and clearance professionals that serves as a networking and educational resource for those who work in the film, television and multimedia industries.

Areas of Expertise

Guild Payments

Distributing DGA, WGA, SAG-AFTRA payments is complex. Let us navigate the matrix involved with paying these fees, help you determine if it’s necessary to make these payments and assess the level of risk involved when deciding to include talent.


How many times has your production wrapped only to discover you’re missing several key releases? We will manage your completed releases as well as generate and maintain the personal, material and location release files for any production.

Talent Clearance

Written permission from talent or their estate representatives may be needed prior to obtaining clearance. We have the necessary relationships with attorneys, managers, agents and publicists to get this task done quickly and accurately.

Screening Cuts

Screening multiple rough and fine cuts can be a chore, especially when your production has so many creative elements to take into consideration. We concentrate on watching these cuts with a “clearance eye”, ensuring the final cut will be delivered with no rights and clearance oversights.

Material Acquisition

We specialize in not only obtaining all of the necessary permissions and agreements, but also in acquiring all materials needed for your production. Leave it up to us to obtain master material, high resolution images and product.


The deliverables is the last item you need to complete before you get paid. We will assist your production with managing the accurate compilation of the deliverable binders usually consisting of music cue sheets, final licensed element reports, license agreements and releases.

Project Estimations

Do you have a great idea for a show and need an estimated cost for the rights and clearances line? How much should you budget for stock content? We have experience with budgeting and can forecast accurate third-party element costs.

Building A Team

Does the show you are producing require the need for multiple clearance personnel? No problem! We can build out the clearance team by tapping into our contacts and hire additional support for you including coordinators or professionals who focus on talent or music clearance. 


Does your Network have shows in the vault that which need to be quickly re-cleared prior to broadcast? We can re-clear all of the elements contained within a show so you can continue delivering quality programming.

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